FFL Update – September 2013

While the hunt for a new drummer continues – we reconvened on 1st Sept with a different approach – an acoustic one…

We are beginning to add new material to our repertoire, and we are happy with the sound we currently have – we hope to bring the music to you all with a more intimate edge, and also use this new opportunity to open the door for everyone to come and be a part of the FFL collective.

We will be returning to the gig scene soon so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Rob \m/


Room 16

Preparations are now underway for our debut EP “Room 16”

The name of the EP was brought about courtesy of our bass player Joel – who raised the point that it was that room at the rehearsal studios where we honed in on our sound and dynamic. The rest of us agreed that it would be a fitting title for our first EP.

After much thought and discussion we decided upon the following track listing:

Figured Out
Irritation Factor

Recording begins on 25th May for the whole weekend with the following challenge: In a 20 hour session Record 4 tracks in 14 hours leaving 6 for mixing and mastering – we’re not gonna waste any time!

Will keep you all posted via the following links:




Twitter: @FarFromLife